Sorting Laserthread

Try going a week on laserthread instead of facebook and twitter. You can stay on top of that stuff, plus share laserthread posts too. Kind of like getting the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Economist, in one. But with no ads.

You will likely see very little content for awhile. The network is so new not many people are on it yet. Plus it is minimalist by design. You only see content from people who are online, and nothing older than 24 hours.

It’s funny, I worked so hard with my team to provide a pure, minimalist experience, then we logged on and tried it out. What did we see?

A blank screen! Absolutely nothing whatsoever.

First I was angry, then I laughed, then I loved it, because you see, those experiences are so rare, they never happen on the web, where you are afforded some measure of grace.

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Toward a New Social Discourse

Laserthread is designed to facilitate good dialog.

There are time limits. You see only about the most recent 24 hours of posts from facebook and twitter. Your laserthread posts expire after 24 hours.

Also, you only see live content by people who are currently online. These are real, verified people.

If something is compelling, breaking news, you can share it online at laserthread.

It’s not an archive, it’s being in the grip of life.

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Ad-free Social Networking

One thing about laserthread.

It’s kind of for people who are sick of social networking. You can go to laserthread, quickly scan your latest facebook and twitter posts, see there is no emergency, the end.

It is designed for speed. It is text only, there are no links, movies, pictures, popups.

Or ads.


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Laserthread is On

Laserthread is really conceptual art cum business.

The idea is to overcome the dystopian social fabric of the web by pushing for extreme miminalism, of the kind that would make Donald Judd look like a  Baroque flamenco dancer.

I don’t think the web was supposed to be the world wide walmart it’s become. The culprit is google and facebook training people to think everything has to be free. So it’s a tangle of ads.

We work for them by clicking on ads. Advertising as neat accounting gimmick. Not sure an economy can sustain itself based on ads. Let’s do something before the bubble bursts.

So the idea with Laserthread is to save lots of time, and mental duress, so you can do important creative stuff instead. I’m charging [shocker] one buck for the beta.

In return you get no ads.

And possibly 1000 saved hours per year.

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On Social Junk

I’m not sure it’s possible to have a wildly interactive social networking platform that does not contain ads. The two seem to be interconnected. The root cause may be the inherent disconnect between an Archive and Social Activity.

If the information isn’t live, particularly, then that means it’s an Archive. As Such, people won’t be inclined to pay for it, hence the need for ads.

At least, that’s the way it’s panned out so far.

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Ramenwerk at Dassara

One of the challenges I’ve had with architecture as an art form is that is can sometimes seem inward-facing, when ideally it should be an experience. It can also be rigid due to its dependence on the laws of building mechanics.

Ramenwerk has found a way to address this. Using a new kind of projection system that seamlessly integrates multiple components, any architectural setting can be transformed into an event, or a work of art.

While some of the implementations could be more business-focused, such as those in the restaurant, event, or fashion space, others can be at the fine art level, depending on the nature of the video projected, allowing for architectural space to be transformed without regard to the laws of physics.

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I have always thought the guys on PBS should appeal to people’s selfish interests as much as to the benefit of the donation. After all, you get to feel great and build your Rolodex if you join! I suppose some extreme idealists also feel that capitalism is a form of charity, if you play by the rules.

Charity Tick allows you to buy cool stuff cheap, but the proceeds go to charity. It would be great to see this type of economic and social incentivism spread around a bit more. This hooks into a key facet of tech and startups, much better IMO that the ‘free web’ where everything is free except advertising.

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