The stock market – reinvented. BooleanGrid.

BooleanGrid uses a unique algorithm based on quantum mechanics, chaos theory, and game technology to resolve uncertainty and predict the market. *Covered in AlleyWatch*

Bloomberg, Thomson,, and TD Ameritrade assume the market is rational. Everyone knows that’s not true. No wonder pros using them can’t even tie the market average!

BooleanGrid uses advanced game technology and live data to reveal the hidden matrix powering the market – and puts you in control. Master the chaos and have the market dance in the palm of your hand!

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BooleanGrid – Finally Some Innovation In Stock Apps!

Every stock app assumes the market works in a neat and tidy way, by cause and effect.

Not true – it’s chaos, obviously, if you’ve ever seen guys running around the floor of the stock exchange, yelling and throwing paper slips around.

BooleanGrid is the first to acknowledge that the market is chaotic.

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Wow, The Emperor Of Wall Street Is Naked Now!

It’s really obvious that traditional stock screeners don’t work. Lots of articles all over the Web show this in embarrassing detail: random dart throws do better, monkeys do better, blindfolded monkeys do better…

This is a big issue, since zillions of dollars are invested by pros using these screeners. Why do they persist? Because it’s the only game in town.

That reminds me of a joke I used to know. I saw a drunk under a streetlight one night, crawling around with his head to the ground. When I asked him what he was doing, he said “Looking for my car keys.” I said “I don’t see any cars around here.” He said “My car’s parked a couple miles away, that’s where I lost my keys.” “Why are you looking for your keys here then?” I said. “Because the light’s better” he said.

The stock market is chaotic, so you can’t predict it using cause and effect, or classical logic.

It’s just as simple as that.

Everyone knows it too.  Yet all the major Wall Street players use bogusware that assumes the market is a giant Rube Goldberg machine.

Wow, the emperor is naked now.

Time for something new…

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I Created Laserthread For President Obama

I created Laserthread for President Obama so he could hold private meetings with all 200 countries in the United Nations at once, without worrying about who heard what.

How is that possible?

Laserthread combines your friends from various social networks, and, crucially, maintains all of their relationships.

So everybody in the United Nations can see posts from President Obama, and he can see posts from them, and they can all, only see posts from those with whom they are allied.

That’s why it’s called Laserthread.

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I Created Laserthread For My Friend Stuck In An Elevator

My friend got stuck in an elevator. He sent tweets and Facebook posts for hours, but nobody offered to help. It’s not that he didn’t have any friends, it’s that he was depending on traditional social networks.

That’s what’s wrong with old fashioned networks: they ain’t live. Nobody’s even paying attention. It’s the difference between a live meeting and a physical bulletin board.

Facebook scrambles our posts so you’re hard-pressed to find your own posts; no wonder his friends couldn’t see his posts. Is that even legal?

Twitter is not designed for conversation at all, in terms of social networks theoretically and interface design.

My friend is a high end Aussie engineer, and he used some words I’d never heard before to describe how he felt about Facebook and Twitter executives.

So I created Laserthread for him. And for all of you, who need to blast through the limits of traditional networks for some live, tactical, cross network chat.

Who’s with me?

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How Laserthread Became The World’s Biggest Social Network Overnight

laserthread friendsBy forgetting about Social.

It’s about Experience. When I think of the best times I’ve had, I’ve been in the grip of life.

So I created Laserthread to help you really do things, not stay at home and post to a social archive.

If I’ve had any success at all, you will forget about social, about me, about the app, the brand, the Web…


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