Ramenwerk at Dassara

One of the challenges I’ve had with architecture as an art form is that is can sometimes seem inward-facing, when ideally it should be an experience. It can also be rigid due to its dependence on the laws of building mechanics.

Ramenwerk has found a way to address this. Using a new kind of projection system that seamlessly integrates multiple components, any architectural setting can be transformed into an event, or a work of art.

While some of the implementations could be more business-focused, such as those in the restaurant, event, or fashion space, others can be at the fine art level, depending on the nature of the video projected, allowing for architectural space to be transformed without regard to the laws of physics.


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I have always thought the guys on PBS should appeal to people’s selfish interests as much as to the benefit of the donation. After all, you get to feel great and build your Rolodex if you join! I suppose some extreme idealists also feel that capitalism is a form of charity, if you play by the rules.

Charity Tick allows you to buy cool stuff cheap, but the proceeds go to charity. It would be great to see this type of economic and social incentivism spread around a bit more. This hooks into a key facet of tech and startups, much better IMO that the ‘free web’ where everything is free except advertising.


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BooleanGrid.com: Overlapping filters sort stocks into groups.  The groups are presented in a new kind of Boolean Space that allows you to See What’s Missing. The relationships among the groups have shown remarkable progress in being able to predict stock market performance.

Laserthread: Integrated social media and ecommerce platform, optimized for both. Social on Steroids. Concept stage.

SocialGhost.me: Sick of social networking? RIP Facebook and Twitter. What if you turned social networking on its head? SocialGhost, that’s what. Boo!

EspForMe: The Web’s Awake. The singularity is here, and EspForMe [and you!] is it. Actual ESP used to power a next generation search engine. Note: Not for those of you who have delicate constitutions. Coming soon!


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Am I There Yet?

Now that I’ve been thinking and working on some startup ideas for a couple years now, it has occurred to me that maybe I’m standing in my own way, inadvertently causing endless delays.

This is like the endless regress one encounters upon considering a black hole. Kind of like, you’re always halfway there, and halfway more to go.

But, this time I think I am close.. could 3 startups be close at hand?

Hard to believe.

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So Glad I Got No Funding

No go from the NYC Fintech startup incubator. I wonder if the fact that my product is a direct competitor to Bloomberg had any impact. It seems like, NYC being the capital of finance and such, that there would be some play in the area.

But no.

On the other hand, it seems like a truly viable business would not need venture funding per se. One might say, that the extent to which a company doesn’t need such funding is the extent to which they get it. The ensuing financial legerdemain makes it truly hard to value a company IMO.

I’m so glad I decided to move to a  launch myself without the outside help. That’s what bootstrapping is right? Lifting your ownself up – defying gravity and doing the impossible.

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Alternative forms of payment – Kurrenci.com

A number of major players are looking into alternative payment systems, and found it hard to find usable value [UV].

Here is the Brooklyn startup formula:
start small > think big > be hyperefficient.

Kurrenci is online currency: signup, then use it to buy things at a discount when you  checkout. They have an ecosystem that makes it easier to do things like donate and send.

This points toward a more fluid and efficient system of commerce, one that’s based on people, interactions, money, and institutions, roughly in that order.

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Startup goals

I used to think that creating a prototype was the first goal of a startup.

But, I’ve found you can’t count on getting funding based on a prototype. If your project is experimental or creative, you’re likely to get a ‘huh?’.

Also, VCs aren’t all the geniuses with polyglot deep expertise we might hope them to be. I sometimes think someone could develop a proven cure for all disease, and a VC would say – “Oh, that’s not my space–too complicated!”

Maybe a minimal viable product, with a hope of getting traction on its own, is the way to go. You’d have to rethink and radically simplify it though. But that way if the funding doesn’t come – meh.

It’s a bit of waiting for Godot anyway.

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Tech Parties

It seems like the political parties, and lots of our infrastructure and technical systems, are based on 1910.

Why not have new apolitical parties based on problem solving styles, like the ‘Microsoft’ party, the ‘Facebook’ party, etc?

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